Don't Create Your R&D Strategy in Isolation

Leading global R&D and engineering teams come to MindSumo for outside-the-box solutions to some of their most pressing problems. When MindSumo’s 300,000 bright young minds apply themselves to these real-world challenges, clients come away with an inspiring array of ideas to spark further development.

From food science, to pharmaceuticals, to industrial mechanics and more, MindSumo’s community has come up with thousands of brilliant ideas unconstrained by convention and groupthink.

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350+ companies use Millennials on MindSumo to identify business opportunities

Philip Sadler of General Mills "The breadth and depth of input was absolutely phenomenal. You can't get those kind of results using focus groups."
Philip Sadler of General Mills "MindSumo allows us to tap into a new high-quality source of innovation quickly and easily. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the MindSumo team, and have already started creating our next round of challenges!"
Philip Sadler of General Mills "I was really impressed with the quality of the student submissions. These guys were scary smart and creative!"
Business companies
Each project lasts 4 weeks and generates about 100 unique concepts
product development prototyping technology applications operational improvements
1. We help you write a problem statement and define deliverables. Then we launch!
2. Our community of Millennials goes to work and submits their ideas over 30 days.
3. We screen the submissions. You pick your favorites to receive cash prizes.

Example Challenges

Small pic sorting machine
Logo Devise a more efficient way to sort objects by General Mills
Small pic red truck
Kaneka Create a system to track transit “totes” for shipping products by Kaneka
Small pic bosch
Bosch logo Propose a disposable, semi-disposable, or re-usable skin patch wearable by Bosch
Small pic 8ol85ov
Purple Tell us about a new lubricant, coating, or material to reduce friction by Evonik
Small pic paper2
Astenjohnsonlogo Take critical measurements while making paper by AstenJohnson
Small pic assays
Bayer cross logo sml Help us design an assay to quantify multiple proteins in a single sample by Bayer

Our Community

Large Over 250,000 registered users (100,000 monthly active)
Diverse140+ academic disciplines and professional domains
ResponsiveClients see an average of 100 unique concepts in 4 weeks
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