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Mina Kodsi
Total Earnings
Bachelors Biology Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2018
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University 2021 MD Other

St. Mary & St. George Coptic Church

| Sunday School Teacher

09 Mar 2010 - Present Albany, NY
I have long been a sunday school teacher as well as church hymn teacher at my local Coptic Church. I am well versed in the rich heritage of the Coptic Church as well as biblical, theological, and dogmatic topics. I have a good knowledge of the arabic, coptic, and ancient greek languages of the east and have a thorough understanding of the Bible and other religious writings.

Total Care & Rehabilitation Medicine P.C.

| Systems Analyst and Chief of IT

01 Jul 2012 - Present Queensbury, NY
Responsibilities: Digital Medical Suite setup and servicing VPN maintenance and configuration Technological troubleshooting Market research and analysis Digital Patient History Database Software update/continual maintenance Management of IT personnel

Keraza Circular - St. Mary & St. George COC

| Chief Technical Advisor

01 Aug 2011 - Present Albany, NY
Responsibilities: Online collaboration and file management Technical consulting for circular development Management of printing process File formatting, extension, and consolidation Extensive publication formatting and large scale printing

Anonymous Software Company

| Mindsumo Contributor

01 Feb 2015 - 01 Mar 2015 Albany, NY
Describe the Mindset of the Young Entrepreneur: Propose plan for entrepreneurship program to prepare students for business ventures Analyze a young entrepreneurial mind and their startup venture Recognitions/Awards: First Place Contributor Multiple business, entrepreneurship, analyst, and management endorsements Multiple third- party "Kudos" indications

Laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Morphogenesis

| Research Technician and Intern

01 Apr 2013 - 01 Sep 2013 Troy, NY
Responsibilities: Synthesize method of analyzing preferential nucleus chirality in- vitro for C2C12 cells Propose methods for gold- plated glass slide micro- patterning Extensive research journal article drafting, revision, and publication Recognitions/Awards: $5,000 research grant for implications of future cancer- related chirality research


| IT Consultant

01 Mar 2011 - 01 Jul 2012 Clifton Park, NY
Responsibilities: Website creation Stock management Market Research and Stock Analysis Advertising and sales
Projects & Publications

The Free Will Conundrum: The Key to Man's Greatness

01 Dec 2014 to 23 Dec 2015 Link
A tentative approach at postulating the absolute requirement of Free Will through the culmination of cross-cultural and historical developments in Religion, Philosophy, and Science. By use of premises and coherent logical reasoning, this project intends to pinpoint the means by which Mankind uniquely exhibits the aptitude of complete and unaltered Free Will. By assimilating 3000 years worth of intellectual contemplation, numerous claims of divine revelation, and experimental and theoretical scientific discovery, we hope to provide a compelling and logical approach to pinpointing the absolute and necessary condition of true Free Will. Through analysis of the insights of many enlightened men throughout the ages - both those of the days before common era and those contemporary thinkers of this present age - we will present a logical argument for the reason of existence of Man's unique freedom of will.
Activities & Interests

Soccer, Tennis, Surfing, Flowboarding, Technology, Archery

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