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Annotated Bibliography Topics - Expert Guide 2021


Do you want to do research and you are not sure about the topic? Or maybe you are confused about multiple topics that are available on the online websites. Finding a topic does not mean that you should work on one that is unique and no one has ever done any research on it. You can look at the topic that is related to contemporary issues. I can also take help from an expert essay writer to write my essay for me.


You need to find a debatable topic that addresses the audience. On the selected topic, you are then supposed to write an annotated bibliography. It is the explained version of the reference page in which you have to write the research questions, methodology, findings, and the relevance of the reference with your research.


If you think you are unable to write a long list of annotations because of extra details, then you can ask anyone for help. For this purpose, you can contact a professional online and ask them to write my essay on a suitable topic. They can help you out in every possible way by providing guidance and solutions.


Topics for Annotations 


Here are some topics that can help you out if you are looking for some good topics for annotation.

  1. The side effect of video gaming on children.

  2. Media violence impacts the mental health of children and adult.

  3. Globalization and its impact on the mental health of people.

  4. Work environment and its effects on employee’s health.

  5. Federal funding for higher education should be limited.

  6. Abortion is an indecisive debate that needs a solution.

  7. Side effects of overuse of social media at a young age.

  8. Lack of parental care leads to abnormal personality development.

  9. The impact of gender inequality on athletes.

  10. Good coaching is a solution for sports management problems.

  11. Juvenile laws need alteration and consideration.

  12. The life sentence without parole should be abolished.

  13. Physical sport is better than online gaming.

  14. The fact of capital punishment in multiple societies.

  15. Juvenile punishment further leads to disruption.

  16. Prevention of crime and drug use among teenagers.

  17. The negative and positive consequences of human cloning.

  18. The development of the biological sector in the previous few years.

  19. The advent of technology and its impact on the international job market.

  20. Capitalism has made many docile subjects.

  21. Food intolerance and obesity.

  22. Viruses as a source of biological wars.

  23. The development of IT in the tourist sector.

  24. The oil spills impact the country’s tourist revenue.

  25. The physiological problems are easy to overcome with therapies.

  26. Capitalism and income inequality.

  27. Parental care can reduce the abnormal behavior of children.

  28. Social inclusion and income inequality.

  29. Increase in the suicide rate among teenagers.

  30. Use of marijuana as a medicine.

  31. Globalization has made communication easy.

  32. Influence of graphic designing in the advertisement.

  33. Advertising and consumerism.

  34. Equal gender roles revolutionaries society.

  35. Feminism as a political and ideological discourse.

  36. Sports discrimination and women.

  37. The gender role reversal effects on family relationships.


With these suggestions, you can easily find multiple topics for your annotations. You can choose anyone and for further work, you can contact an expert essay writing service as they can help you out in a proper way with writing guidelines. If you want to alter your chosen topic and come out with something new, they can aid you in this as well.


So, with the above-mentioned suggestions, you can easily get hold of a good topic for annotation and you will be able to do good research. Working on the given topics can help you out in writing a winning essay.


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