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Tcheurlly Ribeiro
Total Earnings
Bachelors Law Estate University of Maranhão 2022
Court of Justice of Maranhão
| Law Internship
19 Apr 2021 - Present Brazil
I realized judgmentts, orders and legal decisions whithin the Court of The State of Maranhão with respect to criminal, and labor civil proceedings.
Projects & Publications
LABOR RIGHTS IN CIVIL CONSTRUCTION: effects of the new coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic on work contracts
01 Jan 2021 to 02 Mar 2021 Link
This article intends to discuss the changes that occurred in the scope of construction contracts during the pandemic (COVID-19), although this is not the only point raised to discuss the changes brought about by the pandemic period. For this, the discussion addressed doctrinal and formal aspects, showing that labor laws dictated new paths to Labor Law in this disconcerting period. In addition, it was necessary to emphasize that, despite having brought new methods and practices to work in civil construction, informal work did not obtain great advantages in the dictates presented during the pandemic.
Activities & Interests

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