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Strong Reasons to have an ESA Rabbit 


You must have noticed that most people adopt a cat or maltipoo dog as their emotional support animals. But know that these are not the only choice of emotional support animal for you. If you have been diagnosed with a mental health illness and are willing to adopt an ESA, then you can adopt a rabbit. First of all, know that all domesticated animals can keep as emotional support animals and your housing authority or landlord cannot object that. Unless there is a valid reason for it. So, a chubby floppy-eared rabbit can be your companion would. There are numerous reasons for adopting a rabbit. Even if you are not fond of rabbits, go through the blog and you will find all the right reasons for adopting a rabbit. Let’s take a look at the strong reasons for adopting an emotional support rabbit.


  1. They are adorable and Gentle Creatures

If any friend of yours has ever owned a rabbit or siamese cat, they would tell you how adorable and cute this creature is. Even if that not the case, you can look up the internet, and you will find hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos of this cute animal. It has affectionate, gentle and docile nature. You will see that the bond quickly with their human and has a very caring nature. They tend to recognize their voice and learn their name. As soon as they learn that their human is near, they hop onto them. 

  1. They are very social

Some rabbis may be shy initially but with time as they adjust in a new place, they become social. They would enjoy being cuddled and loved to be handled gently. However, they like gentle handling, so you should handle it with care in order to avoid scratches and bites. they would love to be around people and even other animals. If left alone, they might even feel depressed. 

  1. Rabbits Don’t Need to Go for Walks

Some people who are looking for an emotional support animal might have a busy schedule. For this reason, they might be able to keep a cat or sheepadoodle which require daily exercise and walks. If you are one of them then the good news that a rabbit does not need to go for walks. They remain inside the house safely and happily. They hop all day around and get adequate exercise. If your housing authority or landlord might object keeping a rabbit then consult your mental professional for an Emotional Support Animal Letter. After you show this letter to your authorities, they will not be able to object any longer. So, now after you get the permission, you have to make sure the Emotional Support rabbit gets at least a few hours to play, stretch his legs, and play every day. 

  1. They can be trained easily

The best part of keeping the rabbits as your emotional support animal is that they require very little effort for training. If you place a litter box near their living place, they will start to use it instinctively just like cats. Initially, they might require little guidance but as they are clean animals they learn quickly. When keeping them at the house, make sure to get a letter. Look at some ESA Letter Sample available online to get a better idea. You can also train them to stop or do tricks as you like just with the positive reinforcement training.


  1. They Have a Long Life

Some people are afraid to adopt an emotional support animal because they believe that they would die soon which would leave another emotional baggage. But rabbits and calico cat live a quite long life which can roughly be approximated around ten years or more. So it will let you form a long-term friendship with your emotional support rabbit. This means you must be ready to get into a long-term commitment after adopting an emotional support rabbit.


  1. They can be found at a Local Shelter

There are a number of local shelters which have rabbits and will allow adoption. This might seems challenging to adopt and raise a rabbit from a shelter but your rabbit will always be thankful to you for transforming its life. 


  1. They have an awesome personality

The major reason for keeping an emotional support animal is that it offers emotional comfort when its owner is feeling depressed. And the rabbits make great emotional support animal because they offer companionship and love anyone emotional support animal wonder could desire. It has quite a unique and fun personality like great pyrenees that helps to relieve stress and any symptoms of other mental health issues. 


If you are struggling to make a decision then visit a local shelter and meet a few bunnies. You will realize that a fluffy creature with floppy ears with a twitching nose is a friend we all need. When thinking of adopting an emotional support animal, you might think of them first but as you research, you will find they are perfect emotional support animals in many ways. Because they are easy to care for as well as require less maintenance, they are ideal for those who live in the apartments. They adjust themselves in smaller spaces. All you have to do is provide them with food, water and a comfortable place to live and play. If you have decided them to keep as your emotional support animal then contact a local shelter and your mental health professional for further guidance.


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