Confirm your gameplan with the insight of 300,000 millennials

In a traditionally slow-moving and highly regulated industry, how do you determine the best way to communicate value and to develop future services? How do you verify your hunches fast enough to prioritize, move forward, and beat back the competition?

MindSumo’s open innovation platform is home to the world’s largest community of millennial solvers. Innovation, product, marketing, and recruiting teams from institutions like American Express, Capital One, and Wells Fargo have used MindSumo’s open innovation platform to gain:
- rich quantitative & qualitative data on the 18-30 yr. demographic
- inventive strategies to boost customer acquisition and retention
- vetted, top-notch hires with in-demand skills

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350+ leading companies use Millennials on MindSumo to identify business opportunities

Business companies

"MindSumo allows us to tap into a new high-quality source of innovation quickly and easily. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the MindSumo team, and have already started creating our next round of challenges!"
American Express Former Senior Manager, Digital Innovation - American Express
"In a matter of a few short days we have received over 140 detailed MindSumo submissions, for which participants are paid a small fee by MindSumo. The responses are provocative, original, thoughtful, inspiring and often quite detailed. And the minimal cost to our team of this innovative study would shock you."
Cushman & Wakefield Alex Cohen: Senior Dir. - Cushman & Wakefield
"I was AMAZED at the submissions. I think we should send offer letters to all of these students."
Wells Fargo Evelyn Lawson: Data Scientist - Wells Fargo
Each project lasts anywhere from 1-4 weeks and generates about 75-150 unique concepts
consumer insights digital experiences technology applications engagement & retention
1. We help you write a problem statement and define deliverables. Then we launch!
2. Our community of Millennials goes to work and submits their ideas over 30 days.
3. We screen the submissions. You pick your favorites to receive cash prizes.

What could you ask MindSumo?

Small pic nationstar mortgage llc
Tell us about your plan to buy your first house by Nationstar Mortgage
Small pic eide bailly
How can we modernize our employee benefits to attract Millennials? by Eide Bailly
Small pic unfcu logo
Reimagine Mobile Banking by United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU)
Small pic statefarmlogo
Delight customers when they first acquire new bank products by State Farm
Small pic logo commerce
How can we more consistently engage our young customers? by Commerce Bank
Small pic diebold logo
Make waiting in line more productive for "pop-up" bank customers by Diebold
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Our Community

Large Over 250,000 registered users (100,000 monthly active)
Diverse140+ academic disciplines and professional domains
ResponsiveClients see an average of 100 unique concepts in 4 weeks
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