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Cover Letters

MindSumo allows students to solve real-world projects from the world’s largest companies. Propose the next big idea and gain experience for job opportunities.
Company Position Views
Morgan Stanley , Internship Summer Analyst TOP PICK!
Google, Internship Sales Intern TOP PICK!
Tesla, Internship Studio Engineer Intern TOP PICK!
NBA, Internship ***Got the job! Associates Program TOP PICK!
Deloitte, Internship Summer Audit Internship TOP PICK!
Disney, Internship Graphic Design TOP PICK!
Nike, Internship Summer Marketing Internship TOP PICK!
BCG, Internship Inter TOP PICK!
Roche, Full Time HR Perspectives 2960 views
Ericsson, Internship ***Got the job! Supply 2957 views
Mars, Full Time Executive Administrator 2954 views
Office of the Assistant Attorney General District of Columbia, Internship Internship 2950 views
Blackstone Group, Internship Summer Intern 2947 views
bloomberg , Internship business analyst 2943 views
Westeros Castle Project, Full Time ***Got the job! Sales Coordinator 2942 views
FCI, Internship Supply Chain Management 2941 views
ANI, Full Time VM-WARE Engineer 2937 views
Baker & Mckenzie, Full Time Associate 2932 views
government, Full Time rural development officer 2932 views
Merck & Co, Internship Analyst 2928 views
Investment bank, Internship intern 2920 views
H&R block , Full Time ***Got the job! tax preparor 2918 views
Petrochem, Internship Summer Intern 2913 views
Morgan Stanley, Internship Internship - IB Analyst 2912 views
MUFG , Internship IBD 2901 views
Credit Suisse, Internship ***Got the job! Assistant VP 2899 views
Forbes Indonesia, Internship ***Got the job! Writer 2899 views
Marriott, Full Time ***Got the job! Income Audit 2899 views
Uber, Full Time Operations and Logistics Manager 2896 views
Disney, Internship Integrated Marketing Intern 2895 views
IKEA, Full Time Goods Flow Co-worker - Replenishment 2894 views
M&A Advisory Firm, Internship Corporate Finance Internship 2878 views
Ralph Lauren, Internship ***Got the job! Marketing Analyst 2878 views
honda, Internship internship 2877 views
Global shapers, Full Time ***Got the job! Shaper 2868 views
Houlihan Lokey, Internship Summer Analyst 2861 views
Thomson Reuters, Internship Business Analyst 2861 views
parthenon, Full Time Associate Consultant 2860 views
nordstrom, Full Time ***Got the job! marketing 2858 views
Architecture / planning, Full Time Intern Architect / Urban Planner 2857 views
Bridgewater Associates, Full Time Night Trading Associate 2857 views
PWC, Internship Audit Associate 2851 views
GE, Full Time omlp 2846 views
target, Internship cashier 2842 views
Oil company, Full Time ***Got the job! territory manager 2840 views
Momenta, Full Time PPI Claim Handler 2837 views
National Public Radio, Internship ***Got the job! Human Resources 2836 views
​The American Chamber of Commerce, Internship Government & Public Affairs position 2831 views
Strategy&, Internship Consultant 2830 views
Toronto District School Board, Full Time Teacher 2830 views
The Walt Disney Company, Internship Sales Planning and Retail Analyst 2828 views
BBC, Internship reporter 2825 views
Superdrug, Full Time Sales Adviser 2825 views
Chevron, Full Time Drilling Engineer 2819 views
New York Federal Reserve, Full Time Bank Examiner 2815 views
ROLLS ROYCE, Internship ***Got the job! ENGINEER 2815 views
Hallibuton , Full Time Market and Business Analyst 2812 views
Honeywell, Full Time ***Got the job! Electrical Engineer I 2810 views
McKinsey, Internship Fellow Analyst 2807 views
Golman, Internship business 2806 views
Societe Generale, Full Time Cross Asset Solutions Marketing/Sales Trainee 2806 views
Lond Capital, Full Time Investor Relations Analyst 2805 views
World Bank, Full Time Capacity building expart 2805 views
goldman sachs , Full Time IBD analyst 2800 views
Saudi Aramco , Full Time E.g. Electromechanical 2799 views
Morgan Stanley, Internship Summer Analyst 2796 views
Amazon, Full Time ***Got the job! Software Engineer 2791 views
American Express, Internship Intern 2790 views
NHS, Internship Nurse 2787 views
Intel, Internship Software Engineer Intern 2785 views
morgan stanley, Internship business analyst 2777 views
Mckinsey, Full Time business analyst 2768 views
Rocket Internet, Full Time Finance 2762 views
Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, Internship Software Engineer, Software Developer 2760 views
PNC Bank, Full Time Teller 2752 views
UBS, Internship Business Analyst 2752 views
nike, Full Time ***Got the job! sales associate 2750 views
FHI 360, Full Time Project Officer 2748 views
lazard, Internship ***Got the job! spring week 2746 views
EY, Internship Risk Advisory 2745 views
Mac Cosmetics, Full Time ***Got the job! Make-up Artist 2743 views
US Steel, Internship Procurement Intern 2743 views
BCG, Internship Consultant 2741 views
North Carolina House of Representatives, Full Time ***Got the job! Legislative Aide 2740 views
ABC World News, Internship Intern Production 2734 views
big architects, Internship Architect 2734 views
shell, Full Time Graduate programme 2729 views
JP MORGAN , Internship FINANCIAL ANALYST 2724 views
KPMG, Internship Tax Intern 2720 views
Amazon, Internship SDE Intern 2719 views
Deloitte, Internship Business Analyst 2716 views
McKinsey, Internship Summer Associate 2715 views
uniqlo, Internship ***Got the job! customer advisor 2696 views
Eli lilly, Full Time Medical Liason 2690 views
BT, Full Time Business Management Graduate 2689 views
Imperial College , Internship Research Assistant 2689 views
Deloitte, Internship Consultant 2688 views
Black & Veatch, Internship Electrical Engineer Intern 2687 views
BNP Paribas, Internship VIE credit analyst 2687 views
at&T, Internship ***Got the job! Retail Sales Conultant 2684 views
STEMCELL, Full Time Research Technologist, Cell Separation 2679 views
State Street, Internship ***Got the job! Summer Intern 2678 views
Macquerie, Full Time Equity Research Analyst 2674 views
Forever 21, Full Time Customer Service Assistant 2667 views
XYZ Company, Full Time ***Got the job! Sales 2666 views
Global Fund, Full Time Administrative assistant 2665 views
KPMG, Full Time Tax assitant 2664 views
Capital Economics, Internship intern 2663 views
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